Throwback Thursday – Teacher Edition: Kim Lovelace


Want to know more about one of our favorite art teachers? Read below to learn a little extra about Ms. Lovelace.


Q: What high school did you attend? College? 

A: Ben Davis High School; Indianapolis College, Texas Christian University and Tarleton State University.


Q: What jobs did you have before becoming a teacher?

A: I was a wedding photographer, I worked in a bronze foundry and I worked as an artist’s assistant. 


Q: What led you to become a teacher? 

A: Really, it was something I never thought I was “good” enough to do. But I was lucky enough to have two former art teachers who inspired me to make a difference in student’s lives. 


Q: How long have you been a teacher? 

A: Forever!!!!!! Just kidding, since 1996.  


Q: Describe one of your fondest moments from high school. 

A: Well, there are two. In photography we decided to play frisbee with the red tops of the film canisters in the middle of class. I missed my photography teacher’s head by inches. The second would be when my Latin teacher left the room and we all decided to huddle around each other and sang Kumbaya, but changed the words to red sweater white pants (because that’s all he ever wore), when he came back into the class he almost fell over laughing so hard. 


Q: What is the most shocking fact about your high school self? 

A: When I wasn’t in art class, I was in AP science and math classes. 


Q: Any advice for current or future students? 

A: Don’t let high school define you. 


Q: What organizations or activities were you apart of? Favorite? 

A: I showed my photography competitively, and NAHS.