5 Things to Know: A/B Schedule

Here are five things every student needs to know about the new school day.

1.) There are three lunches- if you have A lunch (if your third period is in hallways F, H, U, W), you go straight to the cafeteria after second block. B lunch (hallways B, D, R, T) is in the middle of third block and you will be dismissed within the class. C lunch (athletics, band, choir, art, TCC, JROTC) is at the end of third block, and afterwards you will report to fourth block.

2.) If you miss more than four days of a class, you absence fail! Be careful!

3.) If you miss more than twenty minutes of a class, you are absent for that day.

4.) Advisory time means club meetings, class meetings, tutoring, and makeup tests.

5.) Block 1-4 meet on A days while blocks 5-8 meet on B days.

Enjoy this school year and freshman, be warned, there is not a third floor.