How To: College Applications


For seniors, this time is extremely stressful as we all try to figure out our future and which colleges to apply for. There are two main places colleges choose to allow you to apply, ApplyTexas and the CommonApp. Start by searching for them in google, and creating your account. Then read below for quick help.

How To: ApplyTexas

Although blocked on the school iPad, ApplyTexas is a website many in-state schools use, including University of Texas, Texas A&M, and several others. The first thing you want to do is make sure you have all of your information ready, including background on parents. Just logging all of your information is stressful, but with ApplyTexas, you can copy an application. Go to your applications, and on the right there will be an option to copy, and you can choose what college you would like to copy the application for. This saves time and energy from the tedious process. If you follow the directions on ApplyTexas, the website is not too hard to manage, although I highly recommend a computer or laptop, not a phone or tablet.

How To: CommonApp

Another choice many colleges choose is CommonApp, which is actually quite simple. It is the same idea as ApplyTexas, but you only need to input your information one time. As you answer one question, another one may or may not follow, depending on your response, creating an interactive application. CommonApp will automatically input your information for any college you choose to apply to, and will ask you specific questions for that college. This may sound a little confusing right now, but once you get started, you’ll see how the website works.

Quick Tips

-Get comfy, but do not try and do all of your college apps in one sitting. You will get too tired and forget what you’re actually doing.

-Don’t forget to send your transcripts to the college. Ask your counselor for help on how to fill out the form. If you’re using CommonApp, your transcript will be automatically sent once you input your counselor’s email (this is generally at the end of your application).

-Edit your essays! You only have one chance; make sure it really is your best 500 words.

-Proofread, proofread, proofread! And not just your essays, but your entire application. You do not want any information to be wrong!

-Take a deep breath, and know your deadline is not until December 1st (for most Texas schools). This does NOT mean wait until November 30th because your transcript will never make it in time, and your application will be terminated.