Throwback Thursday- Teacher Edition: Corey Nieman

Ashley Tetteh, Staff Writer

Although it’s hard to believe at some point of time in their lives, teachers were young and youthful. In this Throwback Thursday edition I interviewed one of MHS’s youngest staff members, Mr.Corey Nieman.

What was your favorite TV show as a child?

Boy Meets World.

What was your favorite singer or musical group as a child?

When I was little, anywhere that I was, restaurants or family member’s houses, I would always go around singing to Garth Brooks. I would sing “Thunder Rolls” and just other songs from Garth Brooks.

Were you afraid of birds as a kid as well?

I don’t know what started me not liking birds. I don’t have any incident that ever happened, but to me they’re just… they’re gross and they’re disgusting. I feel like they’re going to give me some kind of disease, so even their feathers can freak me out.

What was your most embarrassing memory from when you were in school?

So there’s this picture in my eighth grade yearbook where it’s the tennis team photo and they told us to hold our racquet  a certain way and I held it a completely different way and I did not look- it was not a very flattering picture of me and I got a lot of abuse (as in teasing) for that in eighth grade.

Have you ever faked sick in order to have more time to study for a test or a quiz?

In high school, no. Definitely not, I never missed any school in high school. But in elementary school I might have faked sick, but I don’t think it was for a test or a quiz, I just didn’t want to go to school.”

What was the worst gift you’ve ever given?

So my siblings and I every Christmas exchange names, and we require that it’s something that you have to make. You can spend money on the stuff to make it but it has to be homemade, it can’t be something that you’ve bought. And I had this wise idea the first year that we did it for my little brother, I was going to make sock puppets of all the siblings. It was a great idea and if the sock puppets had looked anything like they did in my head, it would’ve been fantastic. But, they looked nothing like the sock puppets in my head… they were awful.

Have you ever won a contest for something?

When I was in college the local country radio station in Austin had a Carrie-Okie contest and you had to record yourself singing a Carrie Underwood song and post it on YouTube and submit it and the best of those, and I’ll use the term “best” kinda loosely, got posted onto their website and there was a voting period. And let’s just say that I had everybody in the world that I knew voting for my video and I got to meet Carrie Underwood!