Changing the World One Student at a Time

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Changing the World One Student at a Time

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“In Genesis, you have Abraham and Sarah, who were really old, and realistically shouldn’t have been able to have kids,” senior Claire Van Arsdale said as she leads a Bible discussion.

“But then God came to Abraham and told him that his wife Sarah would have a kid, and his wife laughed at the thought, since it seemed so crazy,” Van Arsdale said. “And God replied, ‘Is anything too hard for me?’ And I think that’s really important. Nothing is too difficult for God.”

These types of discussion are led every Wednesday by Van Arsdale at the REAL Change Club, a club where Christians can openly discuss their faith.

“REAL stands for Reaching Everyone, Altering Lives,” Van Arsdale said. “It started last year when Emily Edwards, a senior who graduated last year, and I wanted to start a Bible study class. We had this desire to create a way where students an openly talk about their faith.”

AP English III teacher, Marilyn Byrum, sponsors the club.

“My goal in life is to glorify God in my words and actions,” Byrum said. “This is a opportunity for me to give Him the credit for the talent and influence and relationships that I have.”

Since the creation of the club, it has grown with the help of current members.

“Claire inspired me to come,” senior Vishal Singh said. “I said ‘In one sentence, tell me why I should come.’ And she replied with a joke. She said ‘What’s a missionary’s favorite form of transportation? A convertible.’ I was sold.”

The club is not just about discussing the Bible. REAL Change also participates in community service.

“We went to the Union Gospel Mission in Fort Worth and deboned turkeys last year,” Van Arsdale said. “This year we’re trying to focus on serving teachers.”

Overall, the club is a place where students can comfortably talk about their beliefs and values.

“Its a great opportunity to provide students with Christian friends and connections,” Byrum said. “If anything, I want the students to develop a more personal and closer walk with Jesus Christ.”

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