Bowling Team Strikes Back

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Bowling Team Strikes Back

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Can’t throw a baseball or run 15 miles per hour, but still want to join a team sport? Have no fear, the bowling team is here! This year MHS has their very own bowling team. The sponsors are Mr. Nieman, and Mrs. Bridges, and the coaches are Coach Holschuh from Ben Barber and his bowling partner.

“We bowled three games, took our scores into consideration and then placed us into either JV or Varsity,” senior Dylan Morrison said. “There is a $15 fee to try out and then $100 to pay for the use of lanes all season, as well as any shirts the team will provide, such as our competition shirt that is a polo for us to look uniform.”

The fee may seem like a lot, but because bowling is unfortunately not a UIL sport, the team receives no monetary support. Bowling is not just a sport to do, it is also a social activity. The team meets at Alleycats in Arlington every Tuesday and Wednesday to practice.

“I joined the bowling team mostly because my friends were doing it and it sounded like fun,” senior Megan Kalpin said. “It is an actual sport and I want to get the ‘I heart t-shirts’ for the bowling team.”

Even though it is a fun activity to do with friends, the bowling team does learn how to bowl, too.

“We knew how to throw a ball down an alley, but we didn’t know how to actually bowl,” senior Caleb Reagor said. “There is a right way to bowl, you have to have good form.”

They were taught this good form from Coach Holschuh, who teaches Russian at Ben Barber. He also participates in a separate bowling league.

“I have been bowling in leagues since I started 9 years ago. We bowl weekly on 5-person teams, and we compete for a prize fund at the end of the 9-month season. I also bowl a league in the summer for practice,” Coach Holschuh said. “I thought bowling would provide a great way for students to get involved in something athletic since there are no athletic programs [at Frontier] like on the bigger campuses, and show team spirit.”

Students don’t have to be an expert bowler to join the bowling team, you just have to have fun and be part of the team.The bowling season is already under way; however, will continue next school year.

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