Trick or Treat Alternatives

Halloween is a fantastic excuse to forget the diet for one night and let the sugar rush fuel your night. However, once you hit the age of 14 trick or treating magically shifts into the realm of “uncool” things to do, even once you’re over that society has a thing or two to say about teenagers going house to house for candy. “So what now?” you ask yourself after coming to the realization that not only are you too old for trick or treating, but this year Halloween just so happens to fall on a Monday. No need to fear though, for trick or treating alternatives are plentiful and all over the place.

Alternative One: Arts and Crafts

Yes, it sounds boring. But to bide your time until the spooky season is over, gather your closest friends and some pumpkins and paint! Sitting around with your good pals, painting up a storm, and having a nice talk while you all catch up is more than enough to forget about candy hunting. To top it all off, while the kids come to your door and are able to enjoy all your decorations you made in the weeks before. This alternative is perfect for the people who are not into the scarier aspects of Halloween.

Alternative Two: Haunted Houses

Pumpkin painting may not be all that interesting, and sometimes scary movies just don’t cut it with the scare factor. Instead save up some money, and make your way to one of the many haunted houses that are around the DFW area. Cutting Edge is definitely the most popular of the options, however the MHS choir department has put together their own haunted house this year. Appropriately titled “Mansfield House of Screams” tomorrow, Saturday the 29th at 6:30-8:30 and 9-11 pm, bring five dollars to the door and enjoy a scare put together by your peers.

Alternative Three: Netflix and Scream

It may be that you don’t like the whole haunted house vibe, creepy looking strangers screaming at you may not be how you want to spend your time. Though if you’re one that still likes the scares, whether it be alone or with your buds, boot up Netflix and binge through as many horror films as you can on All Hallows’ Eve.       Make sure the popcorn is good and the lights stay on after, to complete the spook filled night.

Missing out on free candy can be a bummer for some, but once November 1st come around and it all goes on clearance, it’s close to the same thing.