5 Clubs You Didn’t Know Existed


Advisory is the time when students meet up in a classroom for a certain club. Mansfield has so many clubs to choose from, your options seem to be almost limitless. Among the never ending list of clubs, there are several that you may not have even heard of.

1- League of Legends Club

For those who may not know what League of Legends is, it is a computer game that anyone can play. It consists of mythical creatures or “heroes” who play their way up to different levels by battling other creatures. It is relatively popular among people of all ages, including Mansfield High School’s very own teacher Mr. Kadekawa who happens to sponsor the club. During club days, students who are a part of the League of Legends club can play while having a teacher who is also a League fanatic supervise. And if you are lucky enough, you may even be able to play him!

2- Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association is a club that anyone can join despite the name of the club and is sponsored by geometry teacher, Ms. Jungman. In this club you can learn about the world’s second largest religion and have any questions you have ever had answered by actual Muslims. Get the cultural experience right here at Mansfield while expanding your knowledge and making new friends from different cultures!

3- Catholic Club

Despite what might have crossed your mind while reading the name of this club, you do not have to be Catholic to join. There are several students in it who are not even Catholic but want to expand their knowledge and learn the true concepts of Catholicism. The club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Hill, meets up on club days to discuss religion and attempts to bring anyone who is interested closer to God. It is a friendly club who is more than welcoming to anyone who wants to find their way into religion. You can learn about Catholic traditions and if you are Catholic yourself, you will get to meet other students who are Catholic as well!

4- Coloring Book Club 

Yes. We have a coloring book club. 2016 has been the year of adult coloring books, and thankfully we now have a club for those who enjoy coloring. Ms. Henry is the sponsor of the club and those who are in it would be more than glad for other students to join. If you are not good at drawing you can still be artistic by coloring in between the lines, after all the coloring books do have awesome outlines and pictures for you to fill in. You can bring your own book and colors and share with your fellow club mates your masterpiece! And who says coloring is for kids?!

5- Ultimate Frisbee Club

Any day can be a day for a good game of frisbee! If you can’t resist playing frisbee no matter when or where, just stop by Mrs. Garrett’s class and join the ultimate frisbee club! You don’t have to be in any sports to be considered athletic, just throw a frisbee for a good arm workout with your friends. You can even test how fast you can run when a frisbee is thrown at you, and all you have to do is join! Grab a frisbee and your favorite running shoes and play a rad game of ultimate frisbee!