What To Buy A Guy For Valentine’s Day


Finding the right present for your significant other isn’t always easy, especially if you’re shopping for a guy. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and girls are freaking out over buying the perfect gift for their dates. Some girls would prefer to go simple with a teddy bear and some chocolate, but the majority of girls are torn between buying something unique or just “winging it”. F0r those who are stuck on what to buy their dates, here are some ideas to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Food Is Always A Good Go-To For Guys

“One way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach” is something every girl has heard at some point. While buying a basket from Edible Arrangements is thoughtful and tastes like heaven, it is out of the price range of most teenage girls. Instead, you can buy a basket yourself and fill it with all of your date’s favorite food and drinks. You can save a good amount of money as well as knowing your date will actually eat and enjoy what the basket. It would also be special and more meaningful if you do it yourself because it would be made with care rather than just paying for it.

Groupon, Groupon, Groupon

If you want to buy your guy something that they can use but may be a little out of your price range, you can check Groupon for all kinds of deals. You can find electronics, sporting goods and even weird stuff that guys would like such as a knife (nothing says “You mean a lot to me” more than a sharp blade). You are bound to fine something that your guy would like and for a reasonable price too.

If He’s A Gamer, Stop By GameStop For A Gift Card

It’s known that the majority of guys like to play video games. Unless you’re a huge gamer yourself or if you know specifically what kind of game he wants, then don’t try to buy him a video game but instead get him a gift card. Guys are very picky and specific when it comes to video games and if you are not exactly sure what he wants, then you might not want to try to surprise him with a game because he might not like that exact game. But if you insist on buying him a video game instead of a gift card, then ask his friends or go to GameStop with one of them so that they can pick out the game he wants.

You Could Never Go Wrong With Clothes

Guys hate shopping, so if you can’t think of anything to get him, go for a nice shirt or a comfy set of pjs. Or, if you are bad at picking out clothes for guys, then buy a pair of socks. They don’t necessarily have to be athletic socks; you can buy a pair or two of fuzzy socks because guys secretly love them, even if some say that they don’t. And if you don’t have the time to go browsing for clothes or socks, a very soft blanket works just as well.

And Most Importantly, It’s Okay To Spend A Good Chunk Of Money On A Guy’s Gift If He Pays For Everything

A lot of people will tell you not to spend too much money on a guy’s present, but if he pays for all the dates, picks you up, and buys you things, then he definitely has spent a lot of money on you. Buying him something that’s a little pricey is okay and is a great way to pay him back and show him how appreciative you are of him for spending all the money he has on you.