Canned Food Drive

Ashlyn Everett, Staff Writer

The canned food drive is the National Honor Society’s annual fundraiser that happens during the week of Blackout to replenish local food pantries to help community members in need.

“Basically we (NHS) provide the volunteers and try to get everyone involved and excited for it,”National Honor Society president, Karen Joseph said. “We go around neighborhoods and put up signs encouraging more people to donate cans. We also stand outside grocery stores to get shoppers to buy cans while they are shopping in order to donate. We try to get the whole community involved.”

Every year we go against Summit High School in a competition to see who can bring the most cans. Not only do we want to defeat Summit in football, but in the canned food drive as well.

“The National Honor Society meets with Summit’s counselor and they decide on all of the rules for what NHS needs to do and also discuss how to get the word out. Teachers at both schools host a big breakfast to help spread the word and get teachers to talk about donating cans as well,” National Honor Society advisor, Cindy Bridges, said.

Last year we were able to defeat Summit in both the football game and in the canned food drive, and NHS is hoping to do the same again. The organization sees it as a fantastic way to kick off the school year and football season with lots of school spirit and generosity.

“We do it during Blackout because at the time the school has a ton of spirit and we are able to have a friendly competition with Summit all for a good cause to provide for the city,” Joseph said.

Despite Mansfield being a stereotypically affluent area, there are many people who rely on donated food from food banks.

“I think the Blackout canned food drive is important because the people who can’t afford food as easily as some are able to eat a meal every day,” junior, Marena Olger, said.

Donate cans to your advisory class this week. A few cans can mean a lot to one family.