Personal Column: Coronavirus and Me

Personal Column: Coronavirus and Me

You have heard about the coronavirus but let me tell you again: It absolutely sucks. End of story.

It has ruined many businesses, sports leagues and destroyed families with the death and hospitalizations it caused. The pain the virus shed on this country and the world is not measurable by words. 

But the thing that I am struggling with most is probably online school.

The transition from in-person to online learning has been fairly difficult for me and many others for the sole fact that we have no motivation to do work. (oh-no!) In person I am very attentive and focused because I have no distractions in the classroom. My house is a completely different story: there are many distractions. Paired with my ADD (that I am on medication for), staying at home is very hard to focus on my school work. Various examples of this would be my 4 pets needing constant attention, my TV that I usually have running in between classes while I take naps throughout the day, my little sister needing help with her school work and being on my phone way too much.

In-person school to me is so much better because of the focus factor and social aspect of school. I love the people at school because when we’re in school together you don’t feel lonely and this online school has not enabled me to have that communication with other people which is essential for me. Some solutions for this could be going out to lunch with friends, meeting at someone’s house to work on school work together or simply by just keeping up on communication with friends via call or text.

This school year is only gonna be as good as we as students make it, how do you want this year to play out? The choice is yours.