Personal Column: Online School

Personal Column: Online School

With the school year starting, we all have concerns about online school. You may be worried about things such as attendance or time management when it comes to classwork. One of the biggest problems I feel is the uncertainty of having to re-learn the content we are receiving while taking part in online school once we return to campus in September.

Even though our teachers are trying their hardest to help us, there are many problems that could lead up to having to relearn what we are currently being taught such as a  disadvantage for different learners, issues with the internet and distractions at home. Different types of learners may not be getting the most out of this experience as others. For instance, a hands-on learner might struggle while an auditory learner may thrive in that environment. 

While learning from home, there are many distractions that could cause a student to lose focus. Things such as loud noises, family and pets may shift the students’ focus to them instead of their classes. Studies show that once you lose focus, it takes about 23 minutes to get it back, meaning students will end up missing what is being taught throughout the rest of the class. 

Other problems such as low internet speeds may result in students not being able to get their work done or able to join Teams meetings. With school being online, it is important for the internet to work so students can turn in assignments and attend classes virtually. This has proven to be a struggle at times because students are being kicked off in the middle of a meeting or websites such as Canvas stop working.

Although some of these problems cannot be avoided, we must try our best to power through these difficult times. Little things such as finding a quiet place to work and asking for help can give us a higher chance of success and a better online experience as well as prepare them for when we return to in person instruction.