Getting Ready for Prom 2017


With prom coming up there are a lot of things to consider before May 27th creeps around the corner. This year’s theme is Garden of The Lights at The Omni in Fort Worth, with the main focus being the enchanted look of a forest, including greenery and lights to create a magical night. Leading up to the night there are so many things to do in preparation, such as dresses, makeup, limos and anything else and starting early is always ideal.

  1. Prom dress shopping is always a hassle because there are so many options and places to go. Just shopping online may not be super ideal if you are not sure what you want. Start by going to a normal dress store and trying on multiple dresses types (A-line, Mermaid, Ballgown). Find what you are most comfortable with and start looking for similar types from there. If you find a dress you like you can consider purchasing it but if not you can go online to several sites to find a dress that you prefer most.
  2. Figuring out a basic layout of who you’re going to sit with or who you want to ride with or maybe just how you want to get to the venue is something you should consider. There are party buses available, limos or sometimes you can even hire a driver to take you and your date to the venue. Starting your booking early and figuring out prices will assure you security because waiting until May will give you limited options on your ride.
  3. Finding a person to do your hair and makeup is also an essential for girls. Over the days you can come up with a list of ideas that you want for your hair to bring up with your stylist and maybe schedule a practice run for your makeup and hair so you can know how you will look. A Pinterest board is perfect for finding different looks that you are gravitating towards.
  4. There are fundraisers that Student Council has planned to help students when paying for their tickets, such as the chocolate sales. If you plan on doing it, make sure you have a set of people that you want to sell chocolate to and each box sold is $10 off your ticket.
  5. Figuring out what you want to do after prom is also essential; you might want to stay at The Omni for the night, maybe just go out to eat or go back to school to Gold Rush to win lots of prizes sponsored by the school’s PTA. If you plan on going to Gold Rush, make sure to save around 45 dollars for the ticket and a long night of fun.
  6. All in all, don’t be stressed; just try to plan for a good night to remember.

Here is also a list of places to look for dresses:

Dress Stores

  • Whatchamacallit
  • Windsor
  • ABC Fashion
  • Department Stores

Dress sites