Reflection: The First Six Weeks and A/B Schedule

This school year is the first try at MISD’s new block schedule, and the first six weeks just came to a close. A quick recap from students helped show the positives and the negatives.

“[The six weeks] went fast, but complicated with all of the homework and the new schedule,” freshman Madison Owen said. “I just didn’t expect all of the homework I have.”

Although the high school workload isn’t new for some, older students have still found flaws in the longer classes.

“It was irritating for me,” sophomore Deja Gordon said. “Having to sit in a class for an hour and thirty minutes and having to listen to a teacher talk and lecture the entire time is just irritating.”

The new schedule may have given headaches to some students but one thing always stays true- senior year’s “No Worries” vibe.

“It was nice, easy, slow; senior release was great because I got to sleep in,” senior Matt Depalma said.

Looking ahead, the semester is going to go quickly, because there are only ten weeks left, including finals, and it comes time to start facing reality.

“I know it’s gonna get harder from here; the first six weeks is always the easiest but I’m taking a lot of AP classes, and with it being five weeks, that means less time for projects that I am going to get,” Depalma said. “I’m enjoying the free time I have now because I know it won’t be here all year.”