The Hype Behind Fall


The beginning of October is the best time to get excited for fall. Soon, the weather will be changing to where we won’t all be sweating as soon as we get out of school, and the temperature will be finally dropping below 90 degrees. So, bring out your best cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks. During this time you can do some activities you wouldn’t normally do during the other seasons, such as carving pumpkins, going apple picking, and attending the annual State Fair.

I asked a couple of students why they love the season so much and what they like to do during this time.

What do you love most about fall?

“Halloween, you know, getting spooky. I just love watching movies like Corpse Bride¬†and the Halloween candy is pretty lit. And it starts to get cold but it’s not freezing yet and you can wear sweaters without freezing your hands off.” Senior, Isabella Cambora said.

“I like the weather. Plus the Starbucks drinks are so much better during this time. And the clothes are more stylish. I also think everyone is in a better mood since it’s around the holiday time.” Freshman, Abigail Parella said.

“The colors are my favorite thing about fall because the warm tones of the leaves are in the same color scheme and they all compliment each other.” Senior, Madison Price said.

“Everything. I love everything about fall. I love the season because the weather is really nice and the clothes are more cozy.” Junior, Jonathon Maloney said.

As you can tell, the weather gets everyone excited. Who could blame them though?

What’s you’re favorite thing to do in fall?

“Eat. It’s Thanksgiving time so there’s good food. Also I like to carve pumpkins. I usually carve multiple pumpkins because they all die before Halloween so I do it throughout the whole season.” Senior, Isabella Cambora said.

“Even when you have to do chores like raking the leaves you can still make it into a fun activity.”¬†Freshman, Abigail Parella said.

“Going outside, duh!” Senior, Madison Price said.

“I love going to pumpkin patches because I can take good pictures of pumpkins. I also like to bake fall goods.” Junior, Jonathon Maloney said.

This is why the season is hyped. There are so many things to do, foods to eat, and moments to enjoy. If you hate fall, you’re probably the only one.