Signing Day at MHS


Jonathan Maloney

By signing to their colleges of choice, a few senior athletes from various sports committed to continuing their academic and athletic careers next year.

“I was still considering Ole Miss and Nebraska,” said senior Cam Jones. “I chose the University of Nebraska because it was the best school for me, the coaches, the student body and just the campus and football.”

Jones will be a safety for the Nebraska football team this upcoming season along with his teammate Corbin Frederick.

“I play safety,” said Frederick.”I picked the University of Nebraska because of the coaching staff and I think it’s the best fit for me.”

Mansfield is also sending a few golf players to play at the university level.

“I’ve been playing for four and a half years,” said senior Serena Martinez. “I chose Davenport University because it’s something different. I’m excited for a new start.”

One soccer player also signed to continue his athletic career for a university.

“I chose Dallas Baptist University because it’s a beautiful campus and a great opportunity for me and they have the same morals that I live by,” said senior Sergio Garrido. “I’m looking forward to playing under the lights and finally getting to live out my dream.”

A member of the baseball team decided to continue his career at the college level by signing to play in the outfield at his university of choice.

“I felt like [Weatherford College] was the best fit for me right now, and also because it will help take me to my real goal which is to play division 1 baseball,” said senior Grayson Tatrow. “I am looking forward to the bonds I will make in the future and hopefully all the success I will have after highschool.”

Some seniors who have already signed to play in college were also recognized on signing day.

“I chose Houston Baptist University because I love the atmosphere in Houston and the coach is amazing,” said senior Lindsay Harris. “I can’t wait to be apart of something at a D1 University. I’m just excited to meet new people and represent HBU for beach [volleyball].”

One softball player chose to sign to a college a few weeks ago.

“I [will] play first base,” said senior Toni Borg. “I chose Southern Vermont College because of the location and great opportunities they offer. What I am looking forward to the most in playing for SVC is our new coach and the wins we will get together.”

These seniors will continue to further their athletic and academic careers by playing in college.