District Creates New Flu Policy

With the flu virus strong this year, it has passed around the school affecting many students and their chance of exemptions. However, the district has implemented a new policy that allows an absence to not count against a student’s exemptions if it is because of illness; something that has not been allowed in the previous years.

“I have had about a dozen students out from the flu so far this year,” astronomy teacher Mrs. Dashner said. “I agree with the policy change because it has been an unusual flu season. Maybe if students stop coming to school while sick, it will stop spreading around and affecting classrooms.”

Exemptions are very important to students, so with Mansfield ISD’s new effort to stop the spread of the flu, many students are benefitting not just by keeping their exemptions, but by keeping the classroom a clean environment by staying home.

“I was absent for a whole week because of the flu and because of the policy change I didn’t have to worry about my exemptions,” senior Garrett Wilhelm said. “The only thing I had to worry about was getting my work done. It honestly could have been worse.”

High schools are places where getting the flu is at a higher risk. This policy stresses that the district wants to keep not only students and teachers healthy, but the Mansfield community healthy as well.

“There are so many people in this school, I see why the flu has spread so fast,”senior Michael Long said. “I am surprised it was just now changed. Even a lot of my friends have gotten sick from just being around each other.”

By changing this policy, students are now allowed to miss class due to the flu without punishment to hopefully stop the spread of sickness. With each policy change Mansfield High School is a becoming a healthier and safer place.


image: pexels.com