Varsity Softball Remains Undefeated


The Varsity Softball Team is currently undefeated and is looking to advance to state this season.

“Our team goal is to go to state and have #bigfun,” senior Kennedy Hardy said. “My personal goal is to steal a base and to have 10 home runs by the end of the season.”

Through their victories, the team has created a strong bond this season.

“Our team is very close,” said Hardy. “I consider them my sisters.”

The team spends time together on and off the field to strengthen that bond even further.

“Being a part of a team in an amazing feeling because you always have your “family” behind you,” senior Medina Baraka said. “We spend so much time together from games to practices to team dinners and tournaments that the girls and coaches all become your second family so you always have a support system behind you. Whenever you’re feeling down you always have 13 other girls and three coaches cheering you on.”

Although the weather can affect the girls’ ability to practice, the team has remained undefeated at this point in the season.

Our Varsity is currently 14-0 overall and 5-0 District,” said varsity assistant coach Makelle Akin. “We have had to work around the rain quite a bit this season. However, our girls have kept a positive attitude about uncontrollable things such as weather and remained flexible.”

The team’s motto this season is to have #bigfun which they tag on their social media posts.

“Our motto for this year is #bigfun which comes from one of our coach’s, Keith Hardin, and it’s just to have fun and play at the best of our ability and to play for the person next to you and not yourself,” Baraka said. “Our team’s plan for the rest of the season is to play game by game and give everything we have every game.”