Student Profile: Madison Price


Junior Madison Price opens up about her love for all things colorful and art-related. Price even plans on taking three art classes next year and says that the block schedule will make creating art easier and less stressful because of fewer time constraints.

“I like experimenting with different mediums, but my favorite is pencil drawing. I’m in Art III drawing right now and some of my art got into VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event),” Price said. “I didn’t advance, but I would say it was good for the first time.”

Additionally, Price is in some pretty difficult classes like AP psychology and AP English Language and Composition, but confesses she loves them both.

“AP psychology is one of my favorites because it is rigorous [because] you have to pay attention and memorize a lot. I am looking into the psychology field, so I never get tired of it,” Price said. “AP English has helped me sharpen my writing skills, which sounds cheesy, but I enjoy writing. The class makes me feel more confident with my skills.”

Outside of school, Price is an active member in the GSA club on campus and gives some insight on what the club is all about.

“GSA is a club or chapter of the organization Gay Straight Alliance. Its goal is to promote tolerance in school and community through service and activism,” Price said. “Also to provide a safe place for LGBT teens and supporters.”

Price is not the only participant, many kids gather together Thursday mornings and afternoons in Ms. Lovelace’s room.

“Me and a few others got it into motion, but Ms. Lovelace did the groundwork and talked to administration. I helped get a constitution, create a mission statement and get information that needed to be provided,” Price said. “As of right now, I’m planning agenda for next meeting and will probably lead it.”

In an attempt to reach out and provide comfort for others, the GSA club promotes an open mind and hopes others will feel comfortable joining.

“I am gay and I know a lot of others who are. It’s hard to feel supported by your peers and to find others who experience the same thing. A few of us got together and mentioned it to Lovelace and she had already done some groundwork,” Price said. “ A student tried to do one 14 years ago, but because of complications it didn’t work, but we have strong administration that has our back now.”

Price wants everyone to know that GSA will continue next year and encourages everyone to come out and join.