Sophomore Named Co-Captain of Varsity Girls Soccer

Photo courtesy of Hannah Webb.

Ashley Tetteh, Staff Writer

Soccer season is now officially underway and sophomore Hannah Webb is one of this school’s lead players. Webb has been playing center midfield for a total of 12 years now and she is completely devoted to soccer, but she doesn’t let soccer let her stray from her education.

“I set a lot of time for both school and soccer,” Webb said. “It’s not like something where I do school work at this certain time and soccer at another, it’s a mix of both.”

Although she is only a sophomore, Webb is already one of the three captains for the girls varsity team.

“I do pick the captains, but I asked all the kids who they thought would be a good captain and Hannah was the overwhelming choice,” varsity girls soccer coach George Velton said.

Despite only being a sophomore, taking on the role of captain isn’t anything new for Webb. It might be her first year to be captain for the school’s varsity team but she has been captain for her club team, Solar Chelsea ECNL, for 6 years.

“Becoming captain isn’t based on talent, like you do need to play well but you also need to have leadership,” Webb said. “Leadership comes first.”

With years of leadership under her belt, Webb knows what qualities make a good leader.

“Leadership is a necessity, you have to have a leader,” Webb said. “It’s not a reward it’s a responsibility you take on for your team, you have to be there for your team.”

Despite the fact that Webb has been in the position of captain for so long she still finds it difficult at times.

“The hardest thing about being captain is getting past the point of having people accept that you’re the leader and knowing that what you’re doing is right and that you’re making the right calls.” Webb said.

Luckily, she isn’t alone and can count on her fellow co captains and her teammates to support her.

“The other captains and I work together,” Webb said. “It’s a team effort we don’t make one person do all the work by themselves, we work together.”

Come and watch Webb and her fellow teammates on Tuesday, January 20 against the Keller Central Indians at home.