Students Design Games for AQR Carnival

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) is a math class that is focused on solving real life problems by using all acquired math skills in life. The class is taught by Mrs. Garrett, who proudly teaches Pre-Calculus as well. Garrett has a project planned for every six week and this six week she decided to have her students create a carnival to test her students’ probability skills. The games were created under specific requirements and after was used by the special education (FALS) class.

“The projects are a fun way to work as a group and teach us at the same time,” said junior Taylor Smith.

Each group was in charge of their own game that had to include a prize and a range of options in which the prizes were won to help accompany the probability unit.

“We had to make a tree chart of all the outcomes before we could actually start the making of the game because we were supposed to make it as if we were building an actual game,” said senior Olivia Rice.

The objective of the class is to find constructive ways to use mathematical skills that can help retain the concept better than a regular worksheet approach to the work.

“AQR is a fun way to do math,”Ethan McKintosh said.”We do everything as a group and it makes it easier on everybody in the class.”