Student Profile: Peyton Coursey


Peyton Coursey, a senior at Mansfield High School, has a passion for playing golf. Whether it’s actually playing the sport or watching it, you can expect him to know what’s going on at all times. He’s been playing since he was very young, and he plans to continue playing throughout college.

“My dad’s a coach and he got me playing when I was little, around 5 or so.”

Peyton is almost non-stop golf. You can usually find him playing in golf tournaments for the school. But all the time he puts into the sport definitely does not go to waste.

“Golf has given me a chance to go to college, my tournaments helped me get recognition from other schools.” Coursey said.

Recently, Peyton has committed to Louisiana Tech, although Arkansas and Stephen F. Austin have also offered him scholarships.

“My dream was to play golf in college,¬†and that school [Louisiana Tech] is the best place for me to do that,” Coursey said.

For the short time he’s off the green he keeps himself busy,

“I hang out with my friends and we go out to eat and relax,” Coursey said.

Peyton knows a lot about golf and other sports in general, and dreams of applying that knowledge to his future career.

“I would like to maybe have an internship for ESPN or a golf channel. I feel like I can transfer news pretty well to people.” Coursey said.

He plans to major in broadcast journalism at Louisiana Tech.