Need a Bike?

If you’ve recently walked through the atrium at the front of the school, you may have noticed the bike rack with the ten brand new bikes. The bikes were donated by Coach Holmes and his local business, Mansfield Driving Academy.

“I was driving home a few days ago and it was raining, and there was a kid walking home alone in the rain. I saw that kid, and I was like, I can fix that, so I bought the bikes,” Holmes said.

The bikes are available to all students. To check one out, students must give their ID to one of the front office staff. The bikes will be available year round.

“If a kid even wants to take one home for a full year, he can too,” Holmes said.

Coach Holmes will pay for the cost to maintain the bikes. When he approached Sun and Ski Sports with his idea, they gave him a good warranty, so if something goes wrong they can take care of it.

“When I told those guys what I was doing and why I was doing it, they went crazy. They thought it was awesome, and the next thing you know they were plotting and planning to get those kids the best bikes we could possibly get them,” Holmes said.