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DIY Mummy Mason Jar Lanterns

Ashlyn Everett, Staff Writer

These mummy mason jars were probably the easiest DIY project you'll ever make. All 4 of them took me about 5 minutes each to make. And you only need a limited amount of supplies. The...  Read More »

October 21, 2016

Spooky Tracks for Halloween

October 20, 2016

You look like someone who needs some spooky tracks for All Hallows Eve. We are here to help. Jam to these the day of, or just whenever you're feeling the...  Read More »

Halloween Movies: Least Likely to Make You Scream- Most Likely to Give You Nightmares

October 19, 2016

The Halloween season is a great time to to chill, hang with your friends, and watch some spooky movies. However, many people aren't really into getting...  Read More »

The Spookiest Halloween Recipes

October 18, 2016

After a quick Pinterest search, one can find several dozen Halloween recipe ideas, so listed below are a couple of the spookiest (and sweetest) ones to...  Read More »


Photo Gallery of Homecoming Game

Tanya Nasimiyu, Entertainment Editor

October 5, 2016

Student Profile: Chandler Morris

September 15, 2016

Senior Chandler Morris is a great example of what hard work can get you. Morris has been playing tennis for almost  six years, and spends one to two...  Read More »

College Football vs. High School Football: Aggie Edition

September 14, 2016

There are many similarities between MHS football and A&M football, such as a fun student section and dedicated fans. However, there are distinct differences...  Read More »

Tigers Dominate Blackout Game

August 31, 2016

At this years Black Out game, our Mansfield Tigers won with a whopping score of 28-10. Depending on who you ask, this was seen as a cool way to start the...  Read More »


Top 6 Hidden Netflix Gems

Sydney Mire, Staff Writer

Everyone who has a Netflix membership has most likely seen the typical selection of programs that are the basis of our modern pop culture references, such...  Read More »

October 5, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Improv

September 19, 2016

The Improv Team is one of Mansfield's closest and funniest clubs, although quite a few people do not actually know much about the team and practices. Improv,...  Read More »

Frank Ocean “Blonde” Review

September 14, 2016

After three years of false album releases, and continuous over streaming of Channel Orange, Frank Ocean has released his second studio album, Blonde, along...  Read More »

Could You Escape?

March 27, 2016

Time is against you and your only methods of surviving are your instincts and undaunted mentality. Dark hallways, obscure details, and insufficient preparation...  Read More »

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