Personal Column: Stress


Beep! Beep! My phone went off with texts going in and out. I replied as quickly as I could, while all three sleep-deprived members, including myself, tried to edit a 30-page business plan due the following morning. I had a limited understanding about what I had just typed, so some words were slapped down.

The next morning, we were saved by the weather because school was delayed. Translation… More sleep.

That day of the competition, my group and I planned to wing the interviewing part of the script, but thankfully, one of our members typed a script for everyone. Then, I realized how little I could memorize, especially with business jargon involved. I did not understand it very well. I asked my group over and over how to pronounce words properly so I would sound professional.

After we arrived at the conference building, my friends and I got lost. Up and down we went on the flights of stairs. Back and forth, we had second-guessed ourselves on where to go. We were teenagers rushing on the escalators because we knew our interview was about to start any minute.

Then, I was accidently separated from my group in a mob of navy business attire. During that moment, I wished my height matched my level of stress that I felt. And it was only increasing.

That is, until I found my friends. We located the room we were supposed to be in thankfully. Turns out, the competition was behind schedule, so we were not late.

I mumbled my script over and over. After noticing how much I still did not know about my own part, I worried even more, so I silently prayed for the best. Then, the door creaked open.

We all walked in with plastered smiles and a single, flimsy poster that had images glued on. My hands started to sweat. Although I was nervous, I limited my fidgeting. Surprisingly, I paced myself as I talked fluid. I did not stutter. I may have said a word or two incorrectly, but I did not hold back and dwell on that mistake. Whoosh! Relief and thankfulness flooded into my body after I was done speaking.

Hours later, the awards ceremony began. I sat down with my friends, unsure what was going to happen next. The results were announced. I must have misheard it. We pulled it off and made it to the next round! I was pleasantly surprised. My group and I excitedly smiled at each other.

In the end, I learned that if my group and I had procrastinated less, we would have had the chance to work towards being more prepared. Thus, that would have decreased the unnecessary stress and pressure we had put on ourselves.


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