Throwback Thursday: Teacher Edition- Keeli Garza

Mrs. Garza (second from right) attends the MHS prom when she was a student.

Jessica Khazem, Staff Writer

This week’s edition of Throwback Thursday features the energetic and lovable Mrs. Garza. She teaches U.S. history,  economics, government, and sociology. So chances are you’ve had or will have her as a teacher, but if not, we all still have something in common. We attend Mansfield High School, and so did she!

What year did you graduate here at MHS? Did you attend all 4 years of high school here?

I graduated in 2001. I was the first New Year’s baby born in Mansfield in my birth year and started at Alice Ponder all the way through my senior year at MHS.

Were you involved in any school activities?

I played volleyball, threw shot put (badly) and discus my freshmen year. I was a Gold Duster my junior and senior year. I was also the secretary of the Key Club, and raised chickens for FFA.

Are there any teachers/staff members that have been here since your attendance at MHS?

I believe there are, but I didn’t have a lot of them. The ones that come immediately to mind are Mrs. Gent, Mrs. Frazier, maybe Coach Wilson and Coach Gates.

What was a trend here at MHS? What was one thing you loved or always did/wear?

Chunky shoes were the thing when I was here. I LOVED my Doc Martens. I was a huge prankster, so I did a lot of that. Also ridiculously dark makeup for girls, guys wore way too much gel in their hair, and we listened to AWESOME music.

What career did you want to pursue as a student?

I knew leaving high school that I would either be a teacher or an archaeologist. I had some awesome teachers who truly inspired me to take the education path. I don’t like to iron, so the linen wardrobe would have been a real pain as an archaeologist.

What was your favorite subject?

My favorite subject was Social Studies – whoda thunk?

Who was your favorite teacher?

I had several and I can’t name just one. Hands down – Mrs. Ayers (English), Mrs. Medina (World History), and Mrs. Crain (English).

Was students having lunch off campus frequent as it is now?

Oh, yes. Chick-fil-A all the way.

Since you have studied in textbooks as a student and now teach students with iPads, which do you think is more effective in the teaching and learning process?

I think textbooks and iPads are most effective when used together. It is so beneficial to be able to obtain and understand information from a variety of sources. As an educator, I like to use the textbook for basic information and then have my students use the iPads for supplemental information, articles, projects, etc. Just as long as we don’t become TOO dependent on technology – I still want my students to be able to think for themselves.

Are there any things that haven’t changed since you have been here?

So much has changed since I was here. I would love to see the same amount of school spirit and HARMLESS fun as when I attended MHS. One thing that remains the same is the student support for our extracurricular activities. I enjoy seeing the student body cheer on their classmates.

How would you describe your social life?

Nonexistent. Just kidding – kinda! I was horribly shy in high school so a lot of people thought I was a snob. As many of y’all know, I’m actually pretty goofy, so when people gave me a chance I could be quick to make friends. Being on the Gold Dusters really helped learn to talk and work with my peers, so by the my senior year I had a pretty active social life as far as hanging out with friends, dating, and causing mischief were concerned.

Did you have a best friend or group of friends you belonged to?

I went into my freshmen year with a small group of friends and by my senior year we had all created new groups of friends. One thing that I was good at was mingling with several different groups. That ability has served me well in my professional life.