Book Review: the Relentless Series


The lengthy five book “Relentless” series is written by Canadian author Karen Lynch, published by Kelly Hashway, written as a series of other worldly romance. With demons, fairies or fae, trolls, werewolves and much more, the characters are forced to attempt to understand the growing tension and feelings between one another.

The first three books; “Relentless, Refuge, and then Rouge” are told from the main character Sara Grey’s point of view. Book four, “Warrior,” retells the original trilogy from the point of view of main male character Nikolas Danshov’s point of view; while book five, “Haven,” is written about and from the perspectives of Sara’s friends Roland Greene and Sara Chase.

The story of Sara Grey begins in “Relentless,” 10 years after the murder of her father by vampires. Along with a mysterious power she has had for years, she learns that she is a member of the ancient immortal race of demon hunters called the Mohiri. Her world gets turned upside-down as she tries to hang on to the somewhat normalcy of her life, however she is continuously put in danger as an obsessed vampire toys to track her down for his powerful vampire master.

Continuing in “Refuge,” Sara is now dafe in a stronghold filled with Mohair warriors and has begun training to become one herself. While trying to navigate the strange surges in her power and mixed signals she is getting from Nikolas, she soon finds out that she might not be as safe as she thought she was.

Ending the original trilogy, “Rouge,” shows Sara taking charge as she goes on a hunt for the one person who ca lead her to the master who has been trying to get to her for months: her mother. As she goes on this mission, she makes new friends, discovers truths about her past and is finally is able to resolve her feelings toward Nikolas. In the end, she finally meets face to face with her the vampire master.

“Warrior'” retells the original three books from the main male character’s, Nikolas Danshov’s, perspective. In the fourth book of the series, it shows how he feels about the situations that Sara is going through and also his own conflicting feelings toward her and his struggle to stay in control of his instincts in order to give her freedom. “Haven,” takes place after all other the books and shows the daily life of Sara’s friends Roland and Emma in their quest to their changing lives. As Roland is moving up in his pack of werewolves and Emma is adjusting to her new life in New Hastings, Maine.

Lynch does a good job keeping the reader interested in the story throughout all the books. With a twist at every turn, readers are compelled to finish the whole series to see how the characters’ stories finish. However, some of the dialogue can get confusing when it come to who is saying what. Lynch could have made it more clear as to who is speaking in some parts of the story, but as long as the reader pays  close attention to the dialogue, they will be able to understand.

This is a great series to read for those who like paranormal novel with a twist for romance and a great host of characters and events that will keep readers till the very end.

And the story continues in the recently announced sixth installment, “Fated.”